How to keep transmission cool when towing

Transmission coolers help cool the fluid in transmissions, helping transmissions work better and last longer especially when they are under the extra load of towing. This is  Davies, Craig transmission oil coolers can reduce the atf's temperature by as much an auxiliary transmission oil cooler is an economical way to help protect against Towing. So a long while ago, I got the Torque Pro app for Android along with an OBDII bluetooth adapter, works great, but it didn't read transmission temps (which was the reason I got it, for towing). 5 Stage 2 Performance and Towing Kit includes the Max E Tork Program, Turbo-Master, Super-Flow Exhaust, Hi-Flow Crossover, Cold Air Intake, Heavy Duty Lift Pump, and the Super Cool Kit. Atlas Transmission is a family owned and operated transmission repair shop that has served Tucson and the surrounding areas for over 38 years! No repair is beyond our expertise! We can handle all of your transmission repairs, rebuilds, and service needs. How to prevent overheating: This simple rule is to keep RPMs up. com. Coolers for Dodge 47RH/47RE/48RE/68RFE transmission. 16000 lbs. 3L Powerstroke. Towing a Trailer, Towing Your Vehicle Behind a Motorhome When parking your vehicle and trailer, especially on a hill, be sure to follow all the normal precautions. This is the ultimate cooler for heavy towing and is a must for heavy duty applications, including racing. It was hot (approx. Towing causes a serious amount of strain/heat buildup. I'm no technician, but it sure sounds like the software on the early 2017's may have had a glitch that allowed the transmission to overheat under extenuating circumstances. I seem to have a recurring problem with my F350 overheating when towing. #10: Keep things cool. The contents are believed correct at the time of publication, but the current position may be checked with the Club's Information Department. We were aired down to about 10-12 lbs all the way around, but with the triple axle trailer in soft sand it was brutal on the tranny. It also helps cool the transmission and make the gears shift smoothly. The Cooler has a dual-mode of operation. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases With everything that TCI has to offer for your transmission, it’s a no brain er to have these options installed on your vehicle. Lake Transmission and Towing is a full-service preventive maintenance and auto repair center. My EGT 1 & EGT 2 would hit 1500 F when climbing, towing in the rockies, speed limit about 110 KM per hour using cruise control. Parts are just part of what we do. When you are in 4x4 low , your torque converter is usually in the stall stage and creates a tonne of additional heat . But—and this is a huge BUT— I overheated my transmission once while beach towing. I wouldn't tow with a CVT yet. If your Allison transmission is asking for a cool off, look no further than this heavy duty unit. Here, we discuss auxiliary coolers dedicated to trans fluid only – a must for heavy-duty use or towing. Damage to the transmission fluid begins at 225 degrees. Towing Tips and Techniques. A TCI® Max-Cool™ Transmission Cooler is the most effective way to keep your transmission cool and extend its durability and performance. Chances are someone in your community will be willing to take it off your hands. Keep your transmission An automatic transmission cooler and fan kit works to keep your transmission and torque converter cool which gives consistent, maximum performance and it also extends the life of your automatic transmission. While GM did give it a steep first gear with trucks in mind, only the 4L80E – the electronic overdrive version of a TH400 – was meant for such heavy-duty tasks. Tru-Cool. Common causes for overheating include aggressive driving or towing heavy loads. ” One point that I may have missed in the above posts. I stopped and let the truck run in park to cool it down before finally getting the rig off the sand. It is in-fact a principle whereby we, at Eagle Transmission, our business. My 2004 F150 XLT 5. The Brake Duct Mount Transmission Cooler (PN P-120011BL) comes as you see it here with the optional black braided lines and AN fittings. >> Looking for a car from Japan with good conditions, click here << How To Check The Transmission Fluid? It does state to put Transfer Case in Neutral, Transmission in 1st Gear. We would be glad to assist you. This took a considerable heat load off the engine transmission cooler, so both the transmission and engine ran cooler. I also bought this to mount it. ” See all S & T Automotive reviews By doing my rebuild with J&L I can keep my car many more years If you have a car you love take it to them and they will make the transmission run like its brand new!!! As difficult as it is for any of us to bring our vehicle to any automotive autobody or transmission shop my experience at J&L transmission was completely the opposite. To prevent brake fluid boil and brake fade in this situation, use a lower gear so the transmission and engine drag can slow you down. Transmission fluid additives contain special coolants designed to reduce the temperature of your transmission, particularly when it is under strain from stop and go traffic, driving on hilly With little airflow, the radiator need to work harder to keep the engine cooler, thus is not able to effectively cool transmission temperatures. Lake Transmission and Towing has been performing high quality, guaranteed auto, SUV, and truck repairs in the Houghton Lake area since 2002. To prevent premature failure, it is best to add or upgrade your transmission cooler! 10 Apr 2018 Automatic transmissions use a torque converter to allow the engine to turn warning to alert the driver to stop and let the transmission cool off. Turn your front wheels into the curb, set the parking brake firmly, and put the transmission in 1st or Reverse (manual transmission) or Park (auto-matic transmission). The steepest climb is a short one about a 6% up to the lake and the 2. The car's users manual should say whether it's ok to tow it in neutral or not. It seems crazy but I am new to this as well. Search. I moved the entire contents of my house from Boston to upstate new york and had problems with the transmission overheating badly the entire way. That way your transmission is always running on fresh, effective fluid that will keep it cool. I do know, my transmission oil was okay, radiator coolant was okay. If you have a performance torque converter in your vehicle, this cooler is needed to keep you temps in check. Shop for Duralast Transmission Filter (A/T) TF213 with confidence at AutoZone. This enhances the driver's feeling of control, especially when the vehicle is heavily loaded or towing a large trailer. Keep in mind there are dangers involved. 20 MotorHome Towing Guide 2005 Official Towing Ratings Most motorhome owners prefer automatic transmissions, and most vehicles with automatics are not rated for flat towing unless they’re in 4WD vehicles, whose transfer cases can be shifted to neutral to prevent trans-mission damage from inadequate lubrication. " That's not just some commercial slogan we came up with. They make transmission lube pumps for towing I wondering if I should keep the lines running through the radiator trans. Trans International Transmissions Offers Auto & Transmission Repair Services You Can Count On! Free towing with repair! Since 1995, Trans International Transmissions has provided motorists in the Houston, TX 77009 area with comprehensive auto and transmission repair services that include 4x4 Services, Alignment, Brakes, Car & Truck Care, Domestic Cars & Trucks, Electrical Services, Electronic When it comes to towing, your vehicle's transmission can take a beating. Towing puts extra strain on your engine and A transmission cooler will protect your radiator  4 May 2017 Learn about transmission cooler types, transmission cooler installation tips and more. This can especially happen when towing on mountain descents. I've found while towing my 7k travel trailer that by being proactive about downshifting just before hills I can keep the tranny temp stable. Ways To Destroy Your Automatic Transmission A stark majority of automatic transmission failures are caused by excessive heat. When going up a hill, keep the engine above 3000 RPM and downshift the transmission as needed. Auxiliary coolers, which typically cost between $100-$200 for a good quality unit, can ensure a long, healthy life of the trans and engine. The team at Faulkner Toyota in Trevose, PA review the towing capacity of the RAV4. Cool down your transmission by installing an auxiliary cooling system or fan. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Tru-Cool Max 40 000 GVW Transmission Oil Cooler (LPD47391) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! I have added Air Lifts, Hitch, wiring/controller, run Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil, and added brakes to my pup). I have a Tru-Cool 4452 on its way now to go on my 05' Legacy GT 5EAT. If you get a good gauge and can keep temps below 190-200  The PowerRV Towing Kit - Specially designed for transmission and lubrication fluids. No restrictions listed for the manual transmission. Auto Repair, Towing, Transmission Repair “I drive a VERY old car and Scott has done the best job of making sure I can keep her on the road and be safe. All that’s left is to get out and try it yourself! Whatever modifications you try, make sure you keep safety in mind. A tachometer and a transmission temperature gauge are essential. I have been impressed with how cool the transmission on my 2013 has been. Transmission coolers are cheap and relatively easy to install. The tow biggest enemies of long automatic transmission life are high operating temperatures and dirt. Rest Easy. Keep a close eye on the temp, plan on frequent transmission oil changes — ie: instead of changing x-mission oil at 75,000 as recommended by Kia, change it every 40,000 – 45,000 miles and be certain to change filter at that time also. The TCI Max-Cool Transmission Coolers utilize a special “plate and fin” design, which reduces transmission temperatures by 33% over tube-style transmission coolers. The effects on airflow would be minimal if there were any. Also can anyone tell me the difference between the optional Laramie 2FH package and the Laramie 28H package ? If the transmission is getting hot on hills you need to downshift a gear to get the revs up and the transmission fluid moving through the coolers. The higher engine RPM allows the transmission to pump more fluid through the transmission, thereby keeping it cooler. Towing By Design Tow/Haul Defined "Tow/Haul" mode is a switch that's activated to keep the vehicle's transmission from upshifting into overdrive when towing or carrying a load, so as not to lug the engine with a higher gear. With summer quickly approaching we give you nine ways to keep your engine cool, so you can get the best performance out of your vehicle! and transmission cooling in hot rods, muscle cars, and Do we have Transmission coolers ?? 2014 + Discussion in 'Towing & Hauling' started by MillsTRD14, Aug 1, 2016. If you are towing a front wheel drive automatic transmission car any significant distance (like behind an RV) the usual recommendation is to put the front wheels on a dolly. Normal interstate driving no trailer, 70mph degrees air temp at 70mph I seem to stay at about 175-180 degrees on transmission. Can you tell me how much it will The only thing I would change is I should have bought the 11"x10" but this one will be adequate enough. Bought one in 1998 and about 45,000 miles started overheating. At OPT, we carry a range of sizes and GVW's to cover all applications. Most new tow vehicles have a tach so you can determine which gear to use to keep the engine in its power band. Many automatic transmissions will pump the fluid through a section of the engine cooling system ( radiator, or in some cases, they&#039;ll have small sections of the coolant lines that they flow t Heath Diesel's 6. This aluminum bracket is designed to hold the cooler securely  Tips to keep your transmission in good condition To help eliminate excess heat from the automatic transmission fluid, have an auxiliary cooler installed. I wanted something that would keep the transmission cool, but not too cool. We understand the benefit to performance, efficiency and longevity of keeping your truck operating at safe temperatures and are dedicated to helping you keep those oil, coolant and transmission fluid temps down. The transmission can also overheat in stop and go traffic, when traveling on mountain roads, when towing another vehicle or trailer and on long trips. Install an auxiliary cooler. Transmission coolers are an excellent way to keep transmission temperatures in check while towing cargo. Watch Queue Keep your transmission cool with PPE's performance transmission cooler. Never had any affect. 7. If you have to tow in these conditions, make frequent stops and allow your transmission to cool. ATI SCS-30 Cooling System for Powerglide Transmissions. These transmissions will warm up when towing or driving in the summer months. Available for 2001-03, 2003-05 and 2006-10 Duramax diesel engines. Excess heat can damage the transmission on your vehicle. So, above all, if you can keep your vehicle from overheating, your transmission will stand a chance at reaching that 100K mile mark. Remco PowerRV Towing Pump Systems are field proven and deliver a  Items 1 - 12 of 26 This is the perfect transmission for your two-wheel drive towing and These units have valve body modifications that increase cooler flow and . “Engine coolers depend on where the engine spends most of its time. will not open flow to the aux ports untill temp reaches 180* then flow is switched from std to aux ports = your aux cooler. The fluid is what prevents the gears from grinding against each other. A new TCI Max-Cool Transmission Cooler is the most effective way to keep your transmission cool and extend its durability and performance. An external transmission cooler can maintain or even enhance your vehicle's ability to keep the transmission in the optimal operating range. 0 powerstroke running hot when towing. We service and repair all imported and domestic cars and trucks. Chevy Silverado 2500 and 3500 HD pickups claim top towing capacity, best performance in battle with Ford and Ram. At Ohio Valley Transmission Service LLC, we offer professional and friendly towing services, as well as free towing in Daviess County with a transmission rebuild. Another factor to consider, especially with automatics, is the addition of a lube pump that acts to keep the transmission cool. This video is unavailable. It changes the shift parameters of the transmission as well as the torque converter lock up parameters and locks out overdrive. There were some trucks produced in the past that decidedly recommended against towing in overdrive. Towing, pulling heavy loads, Snow Plowing and stop and go traffic will raise the transmission temperature. A tranny cooler can only help increase the life of an auto transmission. Loading Close. Change transmission fluid more often in high stress conditions. Over time, the fluid will pick up a considerable amount of debris. Our goal is to help get you back on the road as soon as possible. Transmission fluid helps to keep metal parts inside your gearbox from grinding down. On a rear-engine diesel motorhome with a rear-mounted radiator (not side radiators) a unique situation makes cooling a bit of a challenge. In Australia, we have the opposite problem and need to keep the transmission oil cool. Transmission fluid is heated as it passes through the radiator, essentially removing the need for an external thermal bypass. Blew water pump twice and finally traded in 2004 for second Dodge Ram 1500. Even synthetic fluids are subject to this kind of accelerated wear, and while the mileage values might bump up, all fluids will break down if you get them hot enough-so keep it cool. I think you stated the reason without realizing it, you are going up steep inclines while towing a trailer. E. If a vehicle is experiencing elevated transmission temperature while towing, an auxiliary transmission cooler may help. The engine and transmission is working, but nothing is happening because the wheels cannot move. Patent-pending aluminum casting 356T6 alloy fins allow for cooling. It's a PWR kit that I bought from Ebay. If you attempt to accelerate too fast, it can easily overheat your transmission while towing. 9L Cummins. If your transmission is running hot, be aware of possible causes. Many auto car drivers never use the low gear in their lifetime. Since excessive heat is your transmission’s worst enemy, a trans-cooler is an ideal and often necessary towing accessory. Read about the Automatic Transmission and how to keep them working with tips from TCI Automotive, Amsoil, Red Line Oil, Phoenix Transmission, B&M and Gearstar, only at Classic Trucks Magazine. The owners manual gives instructions for flat towing and restricts Forester's with the CVT automatic transmission to less than 20 MPH and no more than a distance of 31 miles. 73 ratio and heavy duty towing package. If you have question, add them in the comments below here as we’ll get to them faster. Towing is done generally by lifting the front side of the car. Avoiding these bad habits can do wonders for your transmission, not to mention your wallet! The OE cooler serves to keep the ATF temperature within a certain range but when the ATF Is too hot from something like towing a trailer up a mountain or rock crawling, that's when the aux cooler helps provide that extra amount of cooling. Transmission coolers come in many different shapes and sizes, and there are a few things to consider when choosing one. 5 miles from work. Begin by check the transmission pan and valve body for any leaks. Towing a heavy load with low or dirty fluid can clog up the internal passages causing difficulty in shifting to other gears. But transmission fluid, like most automotive liquids, is highly recyclable. 7 need a transmission cooler for towing a travel trailer? This will keep the transmission cool. Towing 4400 trailer at 60mph temp was running just over Shop ATS Built E4OD Transmission Package for the 1994-1997 Ford 7. The transmission fluid is no different. In addition, Cooler Transmission fluid gives more reliable, consistent shifts in hot weather and prevents Transmission damage under extreme Towing conditions. Running at 3,500 rpm or more for extended periods means that an external oil cooler is a good idea to help keep the oil temperature down. If the tranny goes over 220 deg. It also prevents the transmission from "hunting" between higher gears while trailering. That was my thinking before calling them and it was good to have it confirmed. Put the nightmares of grinding and leaking under-your-hood to rest and upgrade your transmission system with parts from AutoZone. My question is I have started towing my 5900lb prowler lynx that weighs in at 6575lb loaded and I'm concerned the small factory cooler will not be enough to cool during the summer months. This fluid will also help to keep the different parts of your transmission cool. Turn to Jim's Towing & Automotive for All of Your Auto Repairs & Vehicle Maintenance Needs. During the trip the cruise control did a lot of 4000rpm WOT hill pulls and stayed cool. A lot has to do with the design of the transmission. When towing with an automatic, be sure to not use your cruise control and pay attention to acceleration. Browse Frontier Transmission & Oil Coolers online or call 800-663-1570 today. Hello, I would like to know what people are observing for a normal range of transmission temperatures on their F150 Ecoboosts. This is not a review of all the attributes, but oriented to the analysis of the Ford F150 towing capacity, transmission, hitches and engine. 3) Add an External Cooling System (1) 40K Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler Kit. The Importance of Transmission Fluid. This Kits Feature An Electric Fan To Force Cold Air Through The Oil Cooler Resulting In Much Quicker Cooling And Reduced Temps. I will use the tow haul button for towing to reduce transmission temps but are there any other recommendations on how to tow with an automatic transmission to reduce heat. Lower your transmission operating temperature with this bolt on replacement. At Eagle Transmission Shop Parker Colorado our motto is "The One To Trust. Designed, engineered and built by Ford, this Heavy-Duty transmission is filled with innovations, including an ENHANCED TOW/HAUL MODE that provides better control while hauling heavy loads or towing trailers, especially when descending steep grades. By. While most aftermarket transmission coolers are a universal, remote mount design, this unit is a direct replacement for your worn cooler. I tow my ranger with my F150 in the 3k range with OD off. Arrow Bullet  15 Aug 2019 Ask a transmission specialist, a transmission cooler supplier or even For any tow vehicle you plan to keep for a while, a good investment is  7 Jul 2016 Transmission temp would stay right around 197-210 but I did see it hit 223* on a hill The trans doesn't flow oil to the cooler until it hits 190*. I don't claim to know anything about automatic transmissions, but wonder if the trick is to keep the torque convertor locked up. Keep it cool under the hood wth our Cooling Performance Parts & Systems. The parts not only look cool, they actually extend the life of your transmission by keeping temperatures down while performance and durability go way up. More information will be updated here shortly. would recommend install-ing a transmission oil cooler on your motorhome. I have heard that it helps the transmission warm up faster on cold days, but I would think that when it is 105 F. B&M's SuperCooler oil coolers will keep your transmission or engine cool and running in your time of The last thing you need in the middle of a race or a road trip is to have a transmission or engine go south because your oil cooler can't keep up. It is also much too easy to overheat a transmission by using the gas pedal to keep your rig from rolling back instead of your brakes. If you want to extend the life of your transmission and avoid a premature or costly rebuild, this is very cheap insurance. But keep in mind that warning lights are not infallible, so if you smell something out of the ordinarily (usually a sweet odor), pull over. any issues if you're careful to stay within your truck's weight and towing capacity. Leaving your transmission in “Drive” while the RV is stopped continues to build up heat—although not as fast as when you are climbing a steep grade. Shifting mechanical gears is a hard task for your car. Last thing you’ll want to do is wear out your suspension, motor and transmission. This is second Dodge 1500 Ram that I have owned. . After I bought it I heard you should try and get the biggest one possible since you cannot "over cool" transmission fluid. Based on this, it would be smart to utilize an external transmission cooler to help allow the transmission fluid to cool more effectively outside of the radiator. Automatic transmissions pass heat to your engine, which obviously raises the temperature of your motor. I doubt that it pump much volume but it will be enough to keep some oil lubing the input  28 Nov 2018 Using a transmission cooler on the G56 requires a pump to circulate For example, when towing a trailer and fluid temperature tops 180 sure way to keep the lubricants inside the manual transmission cool under pressure. Auto air-conditioning is one of those things Oahu residents don’t like to be without, and we strive to get it fixed quickly and completely. If this occurs, downshift and pull over safely so the brakes can cool down. Its purpose is to keep the transmission lubricated, clean, cool, sealed, and most importantly, to transfer power. This is so it can run well for many years and miles. ” Most of us know two things about transmissions: The Tru-cool 40K cooler is wide but not too tall and most folks mount it near the bottom front. This is the normal operating temperature for a transmission. The ATS Built 47RE Transmission is the perfect solution for upgrading the transmission in your 1999. Hot transmission fluid running through the cooling system causes 50% of all radiator boilovers. Be sure to check the transmission and towing sections of your vehicle handbook for best practices. I'm hoping the upgrade will help keep my tranny cool. They're indispensable if you're going to be towing any sort of trailer or climbing hills on a regular basis. Here the front wheels are off the road, and only the rear wheels are on the road, right ? Two situations exist in this case. We'll walk you through the most common points to identify automatic transmission leaks and let you know what you can do to make it stop. Similar to oil, transmission fluid is a lubricant. 1) Keep your transmission from getting inundated with dirt and grime. This leads to the fluid in the transmission overheating and its internal components failing. I’ve looked into getting a transmission oil cooler, a rear diff cap with fins (to keep the rear end cool) and a bigger oil pan along with some royal purple. The Tow Haul mode is designed primarily to minimize torque converter slippage and keep the transmission running cooler overall with heavy loads. I am within the towing limits when I pull our 2004 Flagstaff 208. Since the engine is in front of the radiator (unlike your car) and in the rear of the coach, the cooling fan has to push the air out of the engine compartment across the radiator to keep it cool. One of the simplest things you can do to keep your transmission cool and extend its life is to use a transmission fluid additive on a regular basis. I would make sure to keep the front of the Titan free of obstructions so that the maximum amount of airflow can go across the Hey y'all. PSI was okay. This is because by the design of these transmissions overheating could be a problem. When carrying out a transmission service, we can carry out a modification to this valve to allow it to open much earlier. There was just 2 of us in the car and the boat it was pretty empty, I was bring it to riverside to have some work done on it. product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence. very fast and affordable! Don's Automotive and Towing Inc. Transmission Cooling Pans. Heat has always been the #1 cause of premature automatic transmission failure. 5 X 17 cargo trailer that weighs 2000 lbs plus a 1500# RZR and although power is not an issue I do watch the trans temp rise if towing into a large wind or in hilly country. Tru-Cool 40k – Best Transmission Cooler For Towing. Honda Odyssey Transmission Cooler Install. Reasons for overheating include low fluid levels, leaks, burned, old or dirty fluid, or problems with the solenoid. Reminder: It is also worth noting that different manufacturers will recommend operating the transmission in sports mode while towing as this will help keep your transmission cooler. Vehicle specs are really put out there to help keeping your vehicle at a prime state. Then, let the transmission move toward a lower gear and keep the speed at that level as long as you want to car to drive in that gear. After adding the fluid, I suggest that while the car is running, you move the shift lever through the different gears on the shifter selector, and then Heath Diesel's 6. It depends on the design of the transmission. Being about as reliable as 2000's Ford Explorer transmission at best is one thing, costing 3 times as much as one to fix is another. Learn all about transmission coolers at HowStuffWorks. However, if you want to force your auto transmission car to downshift into a lower gear, you have to ease off the gas pedal at first. Looking for a way to dissipate heat from your Dodge Turbo Diesel 5-speed or 6-speed manual transmission? The answer is the Fast Cooler! 6063T6 extruded heat-sink aluminum extends the PTO cover; Finned coolers increase gearbox fluid capacity by 2 quarts (one quart per side) 1/4 NPT fitting to easily add a transmission temp sensor I am only towing a 7. This was useing a trailer towing dyno. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Advanced Transmissions. That being said I don't see a reason why the new cooling system and I assume better coolant flow/paths in the new Hemi can't keep up with loads that are far under the rated towing capacity even in the heat. Frequently Asked Questions. It sounds like you have really done as much as you can to ensure that your 2008 Chevrolet Colorado has the advantage while towing. Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with only top reliable Transmission Cooler - O. Installing a transmission cooler is an extra precaution against overheating your transmission, and many people decide to use them in tow vehicles. The TRANS-COOL patent pending fin cooling system is uniquely designed to transmit heat from the inner fins to the outer fins, thus dissipating heat from the '05-'18 Dodge Turbo Diesel G56 manual transmission. We know that you have a choice, and we strive every day on each repair to provide top notch professional service. Jim's Towing & Automotive Offers Auto Repair Services You Can Count On! Since 1977, Jim's Towing & Automotive has provided motorists in the Elgin, IL 60123 area with comprehensive auto repair services that include 4x4 Services, Brakes, Car & Truck Care, Domestic Cars & Trucks, Electrical Services, Electronic Services, Engine & Transmission, Engine Maintenance, General Services, Heating and We know that one of the crucial functions of vehicle fluids is to keep the temperatures of a certain component to within its optimal level. fail when hot and start working when they cool down Going up a grade one is usually driving at slower speeds so there is less airflow over the cooling fins at a time when the transmission is still working hard and generating heat. Second, it cools the transmission better than just an air-cooled aux cooler can do. But Tru-cool recommends a thermal bypass valve be used with this cooler if the ambient temp drops below freezing. Mountain driving in an RV requires some unique maneuvering both up and down hills. Driving home from work today the transmission temperature hit 165. "At 45,000km I added a dose of AW10 at the rate of one per cent of the gearbox oil volume, to the auto transmission. Transdapt and Derale both offer transmission pans that help keep transmission oil cooler by incorporating tubes within the pan that allow air to flow through and both claim a 15 to 20 degree drop in your slush box. Transmission fluid helps to keep the moving parts inside your car’s transmission moving smoothly. Common causes of overheating include: Overloading your vehicle Towing another vehicle Driving over steep terrain And here are some preventative measures you can take. Avoid damaging your transmission with a transmission cooler, which helps to cool the ATF. tru-cool 4739 / 4739-1 transmission cooler if you purchase our $8 install kit - you will use these instructions - click here if not purchasing our $8 kit then click here for pdf 1999-2003 superduty install instructions In both cases, shifting into a low gear in "S" seemed to help cool the transmission. 5 with CVT held the 45mph speed limit easily could have gone faster. Find B&M SuperCooler Oil Coolers 70264 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! The last thing you need in the middle of a race or a road trip is to have a transmission or engine go south because your oil cooler can't keep up. products start from as little as $30. 3 and 3. Thanks to everyone for the helpful posts. The transmission is a Hill Killer and not stock. While towing my 24' boat (dry weight 4500 lbs) my 2007 suburban LTZ overheated. (Harder shift = less friction = less heat). I normally drive at 70. Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the tow vehicle itself. ATLAS TRANSMISSION | Tucson, AZ. After installation, and when towing, transmission temperature dropped from 225 degrees to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. With everything that TCI has to offer for your transmission, it’s a no brain er to have these options installed on your vehicle. The FMCA Dingy guide says that our 2016 Forester's are towable with a manual/standard transmission. Lo and behold, the software on my Ridgeline needed an upgrade. Does a dodge ram 1500 5. For towing and gas mileage, the later 6-speed 6L80Es were a much-needed improvement. Is this a common deal with these trucks? If so what has been done to stop this? Keep in mind that i'm towing a 40ft Weekend Warrior with my "K" boat inside so there is quite a bit of weight. is the Aisin overkill for my needs ? Salesmen tell me that the 6-Speed Automatic 68RFE Transmission is more than sufficient for my towing needs. Max-Cool™ Transmission Coolers. While the 9 rows on the factory cooler keep the transmission cool enough during regular driving, it shows its limited cooling abilities once a few thousand pounds are attached to the rear of the truck. provides the best auto repair, brake service, tires, transmissions & oil changes in Brewster, NY 10509 I will be towing a 5th wheel toy box with a base weight of approx. Jim's Towing & Automotive is a full-service preventative maintenance and auto repairs center in the Elgin, IL 60123 area, specializing in 4x4 Services, Brakes, Car & Truck Care, Domestic Cars & Trucks, Electrical Services, Electronic Services, Engine & Transmission, Engine Maintenance, General Services Transmission Questions. Here at Cooler Towing Dot Com we understand one of the most understated challenges in towing today is keeping that truck cool. This cooler is popular in the performance truck world, and is one of the best transmission coolers for towing. There is a direct correlation between how hot the transmission gets and how long it is expected to last. Note: Sometimes when an automatic transmission is low on fluid and you top it off, air pockets develop inside the transmission that keep the fluid from getting to all the parts of the mechanism. It helped cool the transmission fluid and was put in front of the engine cooler, then to the radiator, then to the factory cooler. Turn your engine off and let the SCS-30 Cooler System cool your transmission fluid in under 30 minutes for improved performance and consistency. When an auxiliary transmission oil cooler is required for your vehicle, Tru-Cool Max delivers optimal protection with I will be towing my Goblin with tiny diameter tires and HHR transmission (top speed will be under 120 at redline) so towing at recommended 65 MPH on a stock setup would have me have to tow at 50-55 MPH to keep the trans revs equivalent. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure you aren’t towing in OD if the torque converter doesn’t stay locked up, when the torque converter unlocks transmission temps rise rapidly. Being able to diagnose and fix your own issues can get you back on the road quickly, prevent costly mechanical issues, and help you learn when to seek professional help. So does the constant up- down shifting the  7 Jun 2018 If you've been considering adding a transmission cooler to your truck, here Pickup truck owners seeking enhanced towing capacity might wonder if was the only part of a truck's drivetrain that owners needed to keep cool. cool down - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. com to keep your car, truck, or performance vehicle running cool. Let the transmission warm up and keep the truck running. Here's how to drive up hills and down hills in an RV without burning up your brakes. Auto Repair & Transmission LLC is a leading auto repair shop in Waipahu & Wahiawa, serving West and Central Oahu. Whether you're towing, racing, or otherwise putting high stress on your engine, use a transmission or oil cooler to minimize temperatures and stay running for longer. I notice that my tundra lacks a transmission temperature gauge and it doesn't seem to even have an idiot light for overheating. How to Increase Towing Capacity: Try it Today! Now you know how to increase towing capacity. supplemental engine oil cooler, and transmission fluid cooler that allows the the Toyota RAV4 use the latest technology to help you stay safe in all types  Nothing is better for your transmission than keeping it cool. 5-2002 Dodge 5. Figure out why it's overheating with our guide below. What the transmission shops tell me is to ALWAYS tow with Tow Haul regardless of the manual saying it is not needed till you hit 7000 lbs. Towing Available - Call for Details We understand how inconvenient it is when your car breaks down. But didn't take note of the oil temperatures. fluid more. Thus, when your engine runs hot your transmission also runs hot. Available in four different sizes, the new TCI Max-Cool Transmission Coolers utilize a special ''plate and fin'' design, which reduces transmission temperatures by 33% over tube-style transmission coolers. I live here in AZ and drive through the salt river canyon a few times a year towing my trailer witch is only about 3000 lbs. Learn why a PML pan is good for your vehicle. Questions about transmission coolers, the different kinds, their capacities, why they are used, how they are rated, and how and where they are installed are answered. As I have an F-150, I decided to inform you which are the features that I consider most important in this vehicle. The purpose for this is to prevent clutch slippage which increase the heat in the transmission. You may find yourself using the brakes a lot on long, mountainous descents. Since there is more heat in the transmission that gets transferred to the fluid, the transmission fluid can no longer cool the gearbox. if you realy wana keep the system working its best for propor temps and never over or under cool a oil in a tranny try this little guy. Tru-Cool is the leader in low pressure drop automatic transmission coolers, also known as LPD. 270 degrees is a common limit and 300 is time to back off and cool it down. Towing adds a heat load, and to keep the transmission cool, fluid is pumped through a radiator-like device to cool it off. Change engine oil and filter at 3,000 to 5,000 when towing. For $35-$50, it seems to be a very in-expensive way to keep your tranny happy. , Effective And Economical Way To Keep The Transmission At Its Optimal Operating Temperature, High Efficiency Turbulators In Each Tube Direct The Fluid For For such an iconic towing machine, it seems strange to equip it with such a small transmission cooler. com on the vehicle in order to keep the transmission temperatures down, so whether you're looking for How To Make Your Automatic Transmission Last. Transmission  An automatic transmission cooler can help get rid of the extra heat generated. Check out the common towing mistakes many of us make as we poll the pros to find out what they are and what we can do to correct them. Performance Transmission Coolers Keep Your Temperature Down When Trailering Automatic transmissions piggyback onto engine radiators for fluid cooling. Nothing to worry about. If you drive in dirty, dusty, or muddy conditions on a regular basis, you need to follow the “severe duty” transmission maintenance schedule (for most Tundras, this means fluid replacements every 60k miles). With proper installation, an auxiliary cooler may help keep the transmission working for years to come. 1 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FOR TOWING This leaflet is prepared by The Caravan Club as part of its service to members. The TCI Max-Cool Transmission Cooler is the most effective way to keep your transmission cool and extend its durability and performance. F350: 6. Driving '07 Tahoe with 5. 2020 Chevy Silverado HD wins towing bragging rights over Ram, Ford. From a performance drivetrain for Chevy Camaro to a Mustang performance transmission, we’re stocked with the components you need to keep transmission troubles at bay without forking out unnecessary cash. Trailer towing is a special driving situation that places extra demands on your driving skills. Check back shortly. 8 based on 27 Reviews "Excellent Service. Lake Transmission and Towing Offers Auto Repair Services You Can Count On! Since 2002, Lake Transmission and Towing has provided motorists in the Houghton Lake, MI 48629 area with comprehensive auto repair services that include 4x4 Services, Brakes, Car & Truck Care, Domestic Cars & Trucks, Electrical Services, Electronic Services, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Engine & Transmission, Engine If you're hauling/towing even a moderately heavy load, the tow/haul button should be engaged. png Climbing. An external transmission cooler will help to bring the temperature down to normal operating level adding significantly to the life of the transmission. L. Will send it to FCA, if it a concern. Buy Tru-Cool - Max LPD47391 47391 Low Pressure Drop Transmission Oil Cooler: Hitch Accessories - Amazon. You dont have much air flow going through your rad when you are in low range 4x4 . 7000 miles of towing my horse trailer "toy hauler" and have only seen over 190 degrees once. With multiple stages available, ATS has redesigned the 47RE, addressing inherent weaknesses to produce a strong, reliable transmission for towing, daily driving or racing. 19. My reasons for installing it were a) to keep the transmission cooler, especially under towing and b) to bypass the radiator as they have a habbit of corroding internally cuasing coolant to enter the transmission, which kills the auto box. Keep your transmission running cool and efficient with a BD Power or Derale Cooling Products new transmission cooler. Under some conditions the fluids went well past 480F. My issue is keeping it cool while towing 10,000 pounds up mountains, I have ONLY a 28,000 pound cooler at the radiator. Thanks in advance Be Cool Transmission Cooler with Fan Solve Your Transmission Temperature Problems Easily With Be Cool's Line Of Automatic Transmission Cooler And Fan Assemblies. Towing more than your truck’s manufacturer recommends is never a great idea. This is also true for trucks that haul heavy loads or tow trailers battling . This can have a large impact on fuel economy, often over 25% improvement with the transmission now running cool. XDP carries all the parts and accessories you need for the best diesel performance. They're made of lightweight aluminum, with an efficient "stacked plate" design. 1- How do I check the transmission fluid level? 2- I have a leak. Its purpose is to keep the transmission fluid moving into the transmission and keeping it cool while the car is being towed. The transmission cooler installed on 99-03 Superduty trucks is far from adequate when towing in warm weather. The cool sometimes is a separate heat exchanger, or sometimes it is integrated into the vehicle’s radiator. (UPDATE now over 13,000 towing miles with the same low trans temps) The towing miles are all in the West, quite a few hot days, lots of 6-8% grades. This will put my mind at ease while towing even though others say it is not necessary. Long trips, hill climbing and towing larger trailers are especially hard on your transmission. shift down one gear to bring up the RPM and better cool the transmission. Ford F-150: Why is My Transmission Overheating? Too much heat will degrade your transmission fluid and weaken it's internal components. ” he said. PML Transmission Pans. Do the dipstick testing to check the fluid level. PML makes transmission pans to address the needs of towing, hauling, off road, recreation, heavy duty, and racing vehicles. Arrow Bullet Point 32x32 (22Oct2015). This will ensure that fluid is moving through the lines. Hayden® oil coolers remove destructive heat generated in the transmission, engine and power steering systems to increase component life. Backing Up Your RV Turning Acceleration and Passing Following Distance Driving on Grades Parking on Hills and Grades Braking Braking System Braking Tips Safe Driving Rules. It simulates various loads at each speed while being towed up a hill. Daily towing in high-humiidity, and or towing in temps that are above 90-degrees put a lot of strain on older truck’s ability to keep transmission and engine temps in check-esepcially diesels. Opt for premium Hayden transmission and engine oil coolers, electric fans, fan clutches, and more at CARiD. Eagle Transmission. In normal everyday situations the Super Cooler works to keep automatic transmission fluid temperatures in check, lowering them over stock truck readings, but Keep your Ford Super Duty 4R100 transmission cool for extreme use and heavy hauling the Wood way! Details inside Four Wheeler Magazine. One person told me, I can't remember who, The transmission in first is to keep transmission from spinning from transfer case gears that may still spin even in neutral. I have a 2002 suburban with the tow package which i don't actually know what it does ie: does it bring more power to the engine? or does it keep the transmission cool? I'm thinking about towing a car that doesn't run on an 18ft trailer about 3 hours way from where i live, I don't know much about show more I have a 2002 suburban with the tow It warms the trans fluid to operating temp quicker than the transmission can do on its own, which help prolong its life. I guess if you lease and keep it only under warranty. John Tasker's 3. From stock cars, to heavy trucks for towing and off-road use, we have the transmission cooler you This can have a large impact on fuel economy, often over 25% improvement with the transmission now running cool. Towing is tough on all the fluids throughout a diesel truck’s drivetrain, so you need to make sure everything is clean and cool in order for it to work properly. Understanding GVWR & Payload. Below is a guide to some preventable measures which will help to prevent your car's transmission from overheating. We’ll take the five top asked questions and include them below with more information and resources. Remember the fluid is the life line or blood of the transmission. Normally towing should not induce any extra wear on your vehicle, in some cases a transmission cooler is recommended to keep the transmission fluid at an appropriate temperature. Please note that the newer Taurus SHO is not rated to tow a trailer. I would pull over for 20 or 30 minutes too let it cool down and the light would go away. So I will do this. Your temperatures are normal and no cause for concern. Allison says that when climbing steep or long grades, keep an eye on the transmission temp gauge. 108), It has the factory towing package. I am about to get the Transmission Oil Changed and thought this would be the time to add an aftermarket Transmission Cooler if I want one. The 4R100 transmission in these trucks doesn’t have the greatest reputation for being strong enough. If your transmission is only showing signs of overheating when climbing hills or towing heavy loads, you may want to consider switching to a synthetic transmission fluid, as it will handle higher temperatures than standard transmission fluid. , lots of good options there. 60% increase in heat rejection surface lowers temperatures 20-30 degrees. Extend the life of your transmission and avoid costly repairs with Tru-Cool® transmission and engine coolers. Maintain lower temperatures in your transmission and lubricant with Tru-Cool and extend the life of the vehicle you depend on. Just keep doing what you do (tow only in 4th and keep an eye on the transmission temps). 3 Jul 2018 An aftermarket transmission cooler can keep your transmission from getting Does a transmission cooler do anything when you aren't towing? Transmission coolers help to protect your transmission when you turn up the of an auxiliary transmission fluid cooler isn't just necessary for those who tow  25 Jul 2018 Cooking your transmission while towing is only too common and can be To prevent this from happening, an auxiliary transmission cooler can  20 Apr 2015 learn why a performance transmission cooler is the greatest way to keep If you tow a trailer, adding thousands of pounds of weight behind  30 Jan 2018 Bring down the transmission operating temperature to a reasonable level with an External Transmission Cooler Kit to prevent premature  6 Feb 2018 Most automatic gearboxes will have a transmission cooler, like your Keep an eye on warning lights or, if you have a tow vehicle that is well  22 Jan 2019 Learn when that results in a need for a transmission cooler. See why monitoring temperature, brakes, weight and more are It is to help keep it cool in the summer months, but sometimes with pulling or for some bad luck it don't keep it cool enough and a trans cooler helps out a lot. It happens You want to make sure your transmission has enough fluid to keep the temperature from going too high. Nothing beats a manual for reliability especially while towing. Available in four different sizes, the Max- Cool™ Transmission Coolers utilize a special “plate and fin” design to reduce transmission temperatures by up to 33 percent. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. 4L has an OEM rectangular aluminum transmission cooler in front and just below the ac condenser. Checking your transmission fluid can help you to determine if your transmission is overheating. I've seen 192-197 F for non-towing (after warmed up) and 195-201 F while towing my travel trailer. Towing Base Plates Functionality To some, using a tow bar is the best way to tow a vehicle with all wheels down. Keep your operating temperatures low, even in harsh conditions, and protect the vehicle you rely on. I was going up a gradual incline from Needles CA driving west. Check out Automatic transmission coolers and cooler kits. If you overheat the transmission, it will die quickly. Again, totally normal. Read more on trasfer cases, planetary gearsets, clutch packs, shift kits, pans, torque converters, colling, swaps and Yes This is a Weird Question but I am wondering CAN you over cool an automatic transmission? I have a 1995 Chevy K1500 5. My trailer is about 5,000lbs loaded and it seems like every trip we take with it is uphill both ways when I push it I get temps at the torque converter up to about 250 but on the flats it's usually around 190 when towing. Additionally recommendation is that you start the engine ever 300 miles. If you drive in a hot climate, a lot of stop and go traffic or haul heavy loads, the fluid should be changed more often than the suggested range – every 15,000 to 20,000 miles for example. Mike's Transmission & Auto Repair - 18906 Sand Rd, Fulton, Illinois 61252 - Rated 4. What is transmission fluid? Like motor oil, transmission fluid acts as a lubricant to keep the parts moving properly. 6. When properly installed they may help your transmission to run 30% to 50% cooler when towing. There are different types of lube pumps to choose from. Knowing how to cool an overheated engine is an important skill for any licensed driver. An auxiliary cooler can save your transmission from the damage done by excess heat. May have gone higher but I only live 12. The transmission will sacrifice smooth shifting to keep the transmission cool while towing in heat. 30 Jun 2007 Toy Hauler Towing; Fifth Wheel & Bumper Pull - Trans Temp while towing? Should I get an extra Trans cooler, and if so is there room to mount it in front of the radiator The transmission needs to be hot to run properly with proper lubercation. We've got the lowdown on Turbo 400 transmissions that are ideal for towing. Drive Hard. . cooler or just bypass it. Here is a link to spread sheet I created. Check out our selection from both Tru-Cool and Hayden. This easy installation only takes about 30 minutes. Recently i took a long road trip towing a camper that weighed well under the trucks advertised towing capacity, and i kept having an issue of the transmission overheating light coming on every few hundred miles. Is that to keep it cool? I'm a towing newb. outside, and I'm towing, the coolant will be over 200 F which would heat up the trans. PCM of NC, who specializes in Trailblazer SS parts and tuning, offers this complete plug-and-play tranny cooler package. On downhill stretches, the transmission and engine work together to help keep the vehicle from gaining speed. The Nissan transmission fluid is what helps keep the many parts inside a transmission lubricated and cool. Many of your transmission questions are answered below. The 2010 with CVT never showed any sign of getting even warm with a much larger load. Best cooler on the market for High Performance, Heavy Duty, and extreme applications. Transmission Position While Towing. interior surfaces; Cool the transmission; Protect against rust; Transmit energy  If the car has an automatic transmission that is lubricated by the output shaft, it can of the motorhome, to keep the cooling fluids circulating while you are towing. 1996 Buick Roadmaster towing a travel trailer can you use overdrive? Kia Sorento 2007, Ultra-Cool™ Transmission Oil Cooler Kit by Hayden®. Call a towing service if the symptoms continue. Talk with automotive experts regarding the most practical options for your specific vehicle. If you put your vehicle through its paces, the rough terrain, added weight, and heavy utility can generate heat, which wreaks havoc with a transmission. Get yours online today and pick up in store. The Tru-Cool Max, or as it is commonly referred to, the Tru Cool 40k is a plate and fin style trans cooler that boasts a 40,000 gross vehicle weight rating. Need help? Try our Search tool to find the PML cover for your vehicle. Is this normal for a 2013 Tahoe LT? I plan on adding a transmission cooler and an oil cooler for towing but need a base line for temperature to start from before installing the coolers. Free Shipping on all Nissan Frontier Transmission & Oil Coolers at AutoAccessoriesGarage. The factory transmission cooling system uses the engine’s radiator to cool the transmission fluid. Whether you're towing or putting some horsepower through your automatic transmission, a Derale  30 Apr 2013 Besides, the point is to keep the roads safe with well-educated and fully comfortable How does an oil cooler system help me tow heavier loads? Towing a heavy load is hard on any engine and transmission and often times  18 Jul 2019 Ask a transmission specialist, a transmission cooler supplier or even an So a good tip for any tow vehicle you plan to keep for while, is to  While at it I added a oil cooler for the transmission. With my Titan I find that if I'm in 3rd gear and don't exceed 45 MPH I can tow uphill all day long. We have a few brisk days of cold weather here in Colorado, and I didn't want to have to worry about over-cooling the transmission fluid. And it’s all been proven over 10 MILLION MILES OF CUMULATIVE TESTING . Over time, the stock cooler can either become less efficient or stop working altogether. Skip navigation Sign in. Minit-Tune & Brake Auto Centres can help ensure your transmission fluid levels are adequate and able to cool your vehicle. S. (Among the exceptions is “Towing a trailer in Alaska might be quite a bit different from towing the same trailer in Arizona,” Murphy said. This valve body design enables the transmission to warm up quickly in cold climates. How long will the transmission fluid last? Other Options For Dealing With Transmission Overheating. -The transmission started to shift harder in higher gears as the days went on, but the next morning would be smooth as silk. We offer routine maintenance, general repairs, and specialized transmission services. Most other Taurus models are rated for towing, but it's essential that you check your owners This part can be used on automatic transmission vehicles or pump-dependent manual transmission cars. A new TCI® Max-Cool™ Transmission Cooler is the most effective way to keep your transmission cool and extend its durability and performance. 5 could only do that trip with me solo and the boat empty cooling was just not there to keep things cool. The problem was solved. Almost every vehicle with an automatic transmission has a transmission cooler to help regulate the temperature of the fluid in the transmission. It's much different in an RV than in a car. Is your car leaving red stains beneath your vehicle? It's not oil, it's not coolant, so what is this stuff? Most likely you're looking at transmission fluid from a leaking transmission. But before we get further into transmission fluid, lets have a little “transmission refresher. ULTRA COOL TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER, UNIVERSAL -- 3/4" Thick, 10" Height, 15 7/8" Length, 3/8" Push-on Fitting Size, Ideal For Vehicles Up To "A" Class Motor Homes, Towing Up To 5000 Lbs. I'm wondering what transmission temperature would be considered OK or not OK while towing. Many Superduty owners tow with their trucks and prefer to upgrade the power of the 7. RPM's at 3k or 3100 isn't a big deal. A damaged transmission cooler will also not cool properly as it can limit fluid flow through it. Overheating your transmission regularly will quickly turn your F-150 into a loud, immobile hunk of metal. Features include: Holds an additional quart of transmission fluid. When it is over like 90 degrees outside my transmission easily gets up to 230 degrees then I make sure to let off to cool Pull the shift lever from overdrive to the drive position before towing. A liquid to liquid cooler is far more efficient than an air to liquid cooler. Towing a trailer, hauling heavy loads, or being stuck in traffic often creates excessive transmission heat. Towing in mountains or at very high speeds (over 55mph) can cause transmission damage. Back in the old days—way back in the old days—the radiator was the only part of a truck's drivetrain that owners needed to keep cool. 1. This feature adjusts transmission response to improve performance on both acceleration and deceleration. Alright I'll get to the Q in a few. Thetansedan, When GM was testing an experimantal esterbased trany fluid at their Arizonia testing area they could not keep the standard fluids temps within limits at all. I case you don't know the salt river canyon is a very long and very steep mountainous curved road. 2 litre diesel, automatic Pajero experienced a heating up of the transmission tunnel when the vehicle was towing a 1500kg caravan. Tru-Cool 40,000 GVW Transmission Oil Cooler. Your vehicle will indicate a few things – Conventional/Towing Capacity, 5th Wheel towing, Goose Neck towing, and Payload Capacity. I have a 1999 Ram Diesel with an auto transmission. The cooler thats built into your rad is designed to cool the transmission with the weight of just the truck by itself . Any transmission which uses a radiator cooler can see coolant tamps up to 240-245 degrees and the fluid will not be cooler than that coming back from the cooler. Pickup truck owners seeking enhanced towing capacity might wonder if they need to upgrade to a transmission cooler. If you do a lot of pulling with your truck it would help more than hurt. If it is low it will put extra stress with towing that extra few thousand pounds behind you. 7 With the 4L60E I would love to put a Large OR Two Large Axillary Transmission Coolers on my truck. You need to let your transmission cool down. Temperatures from 230-240 have been reached with no damage to the transmission. This investment could save you hundreds of dollars. How To Tell If Your Transmission Is Getting Hot I put a cooler into my AU falcon. Stayed at normal temperatures. B&M's SuperCooler oil coolers will keep your transmission or engine cool and running in your time of need. Before, the transmission would run 235 on level ground in 90F weather. Towing in OD with a vehicle that hunts for gears and constantly shift will destroy your transmission faster than 3k RPM's. 200-225 is very common when the ambient air temp is 80-100 degrees and your transmission is under an increased load. Heat is what kills an automatic transmission. Continuing the climb at the same speed in a low enough gear to keep the rpms up worked for me. The best part is, our Toyota Venza Transmission Cooler - O. high gear instead of first to keep the transmission from spinning. My old 5spd 2. When it comes to your Toyota Venza, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Derale Dyno-Cool Transmission Cooler Kit Installation - 2008 Honda Odyssey - etrailer. Most transmission problems are a result of overheating. Tranny temp gauges are also now common in tow packages, so you can tell if the transmission is beginning to overheat. Remember that the transmission system will suffer serious damage in case the temperature arises over 240°F. then if to cool it switches back to stock = rad heated/cooled system. Transmission, Engine and Power Steering Oil Coolers Hayden® Automotive engineers, manufactures and supplies a wide range of products designed to keep your car, truck or performance vehicle running cool. Its better than towing in OD. how to keep transmission cool when towing

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